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Cornwall's Premier Hydroponic Shop

Hydrodaze specializes in indoor and outdoor Hydroponic equipment and supplies. We are based in Newquay, Cornwall and have everything to get the very best out of your plants. Growing indoors with Hydroponics is easier than you think.

Grow Tents

A sealed grow room for your plants can be built within a matter of minutes with one of our Grow tents. When you buy from us, you know you will be getting one of the best quality Grow tents on the market, we only stock BudBox and Secret Jardin.

Grow Lights

The main light used in growing is HID Grow Lights these consist of a Reflector, Ballast and Grow lamp which come in different wattage. In order to run these safely you will also need a contactor and timer to adjust your light cycle. There is a huge choice of lighting equipment out there so we have chose a select few Reflectors and Ballasts that we are positive will work well.

Grow Room Ventilation

Indoor Grow rooms require good ventilation to keep temperatures stable and so your plants get a good Co2 exchange. For the very best Output of for your Grow room we recommend one of our Rhino Pro filter kits, these come with System Air RVK fans which are well known for there robust qualitys. The Rhino filters are very good at making sure no unwanted odours can escape and last a lot longer than other inferior brands. The size Fan & Filter you chose will Depend on what size your grow room is and how many grow lights you have, you ma also need an input fan to supply fresh air (recommended). Any help needed don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Hydroponic Systems

Now a days it's a lot easier to buy your hydroponic system of choice, and these come in packages with everything needed, for instance the Wilma Drip system has a pump that sits in the nutrient tank below the plant tray so just connect the dripper feed tube and away you go.

Growing Media

Growing Media is the material in which your plant roots grow. The choice of media will depend on which type of system you choose to grow in and your experience.. But we cater for everyone Hydroponic or organic. There is a wide choice to choose from including Soil, Rockwool, Coco and Clay pebbles. Each type of media comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Nutrients & Additives

Last but far from least are nutrients and additives which all plants need feeding. We sell a range of nutrients for all medias such as clay pebbles, soil, rockwool and coco. We recommend to chose one of our base nutrients to start and maybe adding a booster and root stimulator depending on budget. 
Budbox V2 Tents
Rhino Filter Kits
Gavita Pro Lighting
Orca Grow Film
Tornado Box Fan
Airforce Acoustic Fan
Lumi Digital 600 Dimmable
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