CANNA UK, Sharing Growhow Tour Coming To Newquay!

We are very excited to announce Pieter Klaasen, Growing Expert from world renownded nutrient and Substrate company CANNA UK will be In store at Hydrodaze, Newquay, on the 5th July 2019.

This is part of the Sharing Growhow Tour, Pieter will be available throughout the day to answer all your growing questions and give the very best advice on how to get top results from all CANNA products.

He will also be setting up a free water testing station, so if your concerned about the water your using on your plants bring in a small sample. It will be analysed instore and he will be able to advise on action needed to be taken.

We will be also doing various Canna offers on the day Look forward to seeing you, the Hydrodaze Team