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Vitalink BioPac Powder

£ 14.95
Vitalink BioPac Powder

Vitalink powder 250g

Vita-link BioPac Powder is exactly that, a powder that is dissolved into the nutrient solution to introduce beneficial bacteria into the root zone. Containing 8 species of bacteria, 2 species of fungi, along with Trichoderma, Bacillus, Actinomycetes and Lactic Acid, BioPac Powder has greater than 300 million colonies in just 1 gram. 

By dissolving 10grams of Vitalink BioPac Powder into the nutrient solution will introduce beneficial microbes to the plants roots. These microbes help break down any unwanted organic material, like dead roots, along with dissolving any available phosphorus, and turning them into usable food. BioPac Powder also helps absorb nitrogen from the air making this important element more readily available to the plant. 

Introducing these beneficial microbes to the plants help improve the overall health of the plant and roots, along with increasing the plants defences to stress.

Benefits of using Vitalink BioPac Powder include: 

  • Introduces beneficial bacteria to the root zone
  • Breaks down unwanted organic material and turns it into useable food
  • Increases plant health and tolerance to stress
  • Can be used in soil, coco and all hydroponic systems
  • 10g dosing spoon included

Directions of use: 

Dissolve 10g/1 level spoon into 10L of water, stir well and make sure the power is fully dissolved before use.

  • For Soil/Coco, feed directly at a rate of 1L to 5L of growth medium 
  • For Recirculating hydro systems, add the 10L dissolved solution to 100L nutrient solution 

Once diluted the solution should be used straight away, do not mix and store for prolonged periods of time for use at a later date.