Energy Costs for the Grower

Electric Prices

With the constant increases of Energy prices, we thought we should do the math of what this means to the average indoor grower. 

The current Ofgem price guarantee(cap) from the 1st of October 2022 for 6 months is:
  • Electricity 0.34 per/kWh

What is a 1kWh?

This would be the measurement if you were to run something that was 1000w for 1hr therefore currently would cost you 34 pence.

A 100w light would take 10hrs to use a 1kWh and would also cost 34pence

Running cost for 90 days of a typical 600w HPS setup at 0.34pence per kWh 

600w Hps Light running at 12hrs a day 
600(w) x 12(hrs)Flowering = 7200w equivalent of 7.2kWh (18hrs at 400w for vegging also equates to7200w)
7.2(kWh) x 0.34(pence) = £2.44 per day
90(days) x 2.44(12hrs) = £219.60 

6"RVK extraction Fan 59w running 24hrs a day
59(w) x 24(hrs) = 1416(w) equivalent to 1.41kWh
1.41(kWh) x 0.34(pence) = 0.47 pence per day
90 (days) x 0.47(pence) = £43.14

80w Tube Heater(60cm) running 12 hrs a day
80(w) x 12(hrs) = 960(w) equivalent to 0.96kWh
0.96(kWh) x 0.34(pence) = 0.32 pence per day
90(days) x 0.32(pence) = £29.37

This gives a total 90 day running cost of £292.11
monthly £97.37

Changing to a 465w LED which can light up the same area as a 600w HPS would bring the 90 day running total down to £242.51 saving £49.60.

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