Had enough of the way the world is going? Then why not try to change things for the better?
"who controls the food supply controls the people" Henry Kissenger 1973.
Our Freedom is slowly being stripped away, our plan is to come together as a group, to buy local agricultural land. Where we can all work together as a free community producing clean healthy food.
Land is getting ridicoulously expensive at £10,000 plus an acre and hard to find and i feel it will only get more expensive. This is where we need to join together and put in our resources to help one another.
Allotments are also hard to find these days and the rent is currently in the region of £50 a month. Thats £6000 in 10 years for a small growing plot that will never be yours. I know where i would rather put my money!
If you own any land that you would like to donate to the project, for food in return or would like to join us and invest, then please get in touch.
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