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Canna Clay Pebbles 20 Litres

£ 9.00
Canna Clay Pebbles 20 Litres

Ideal for hydroponic systems, the CANNA Aqua clay pebbles are created from a specific variety of clay that has low soluble salt content, meaning the CANNA Aqua clay pebbles have high porosity and high air content, which stimulate root growth for stronger root systems – meaning stronger, healthier plants and bigger yields.

Another great feature of the CANNA Aqua clay pebbles is that they’re inorganic – this means they have a neutral pH, completely fungus free and DO NOT rot and unlike other brands of clay pebbles, CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles have the R.H.P quality mark of assurance. These features make for a great growing medium for experienced growers and hobby growers who are looking to move away from soil or other grow mediums – the CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles work best in combination with the CANNA Aqua Vega and Aqua Flores nutrients, resulting in higher yields. 

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