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Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Hydro/Coco A+B

Size : 1 Litre (soft water)
£ 10.95
Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Hydro/Coco A+B

The Dutch Pro Auto Flowering nutrient range is a unique nutrient range which has been specifically formulated for auto-flowering/fruiting plants which have a much shorter life cycle than a general, standard flowering plant. Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Hydro contains a sophisticated blend of ingredients to provide all the basic macro and micro nutrients that plants need for strong, healthy growth in Hydroponic growing mediums/systems.

Use until Automatic Flowering begins and then switch to Dutch Pro - Auto Flowering Bloom Hydro/Coco

Dosage: 2-3ml each A+B per 1litre

* Please note: This product will not make standard flowering/fruiting plants automatically flower/fruit.

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1 Litre (soft water)  £ 10.95 Details Buy
5 Litre (soft water)  £ 31.00 Details Buy