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Fungas Gnat Control Hypoaspis 10K

£ 21.50
Fungas Gnat Control Hypoaspis 10KSciarid Fly Pest Solution: Hypoaspis Miles

Hypoaspis Description

Adult Hypoaspis (Pronounced: HYPE-O-ASP-ISS) are soil-dwelling mites which grow up to 1mm in length, they are pale brown in colour. The younger, nymph stage is almost white.

Hypoaspis naturally inhabits the top layer of soil or compost. It is used for controlling Sciarid flies (also known as fungus gnats).

Hypoaspis Life Cycle

Egg to adult takes about 34 days at 15C (60F) and 9 days at 28C. Hypoaspis adults and larvae both feed on sciarid larvae, but prefer the younger stages.

Hypoaspis can live for several weeks without the presence of food, and therfore can be used as preventatively. Adults will remain active for 4 or 5 months with a ready food supply.

Hypoaspis Usage

  • Hypoaspis requires a minimum temperature of 10C (50F).
  • Hypoapis prefers moist conditions and temperatures between 16C and 30C.
  • Hypoaspis should be used on the day of receipt.
  • Like all of Defenders biological controls, Hypoaspis will not become a pest in its own right and is harmless to children, pets and wildlife!

Biological Sciarid Fly Control Product Details

Hypoaspis predators are supplied mixed with peat and vermiculite and sent out in an easy to use sprinkler pack, they are simply sprinkled on to effected plants, (approx. 1 teaspoon full per pot).