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Hygrozyme 500ml

£ 24.95
Hygrozyme 500ml


  • Plants will complete their growing cycle faster
  • Hygrozyme will significantly increase any harvest
  • Plants will be healthier and of higher standard and quality
  • It will help to grow bigger and stronger roots
  • It will increase volume of foliage and flowers
  • Plants will benefit from improved soil health and microbial activity
  • Plants will have more nutrients available
  • Hygrozyme will reduce the risk of loss of crop
  • Hygrozyme acts as an anti-stress agent
  • Faster breakdown of residual dead matter and in medium
  • Hygrozyme will make nutrient uptake easier and faster
  • It will help prevent and fight diseases
  • Porosity of soil and other media will increase
  • It will reduce competitors' presence (such as algae)
  • It will extend produce shelf life
  • Hygrozyme helps to preserve cut flowers for a longer time

It is not a fertilizer or nutrient. It is not a pesticide. It does not contain GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)

It's a natural cleaner!

Hygrozyme is an organic naturally derived organic solution, specifically intended to facilitate the removal and expulsion of dead organic matter that may have built up on media or medium surfaces without altering the normal course of decomposition.

Hygrozyme acts as a facilitator-cleaner prior to or in conjunction with the sterilization of containerized media, such as plastic mesh, soil, rock wool, coco fibre or agricultural related equipment, including, but not limited to, greenhouse tools, hydroponic systems, air stones, pipes, pumps, buckets, drip feed systems, and reservoir tanks.

Hygrozyme is the only known natural cleaner in the market that is sterile (bacteria free) and inert. Hygrozyme is produced in accordance with ISO standards (International Standards Organization) and is considered to be of medical grade quality.The technology was identified and originally developed for hospitals. It is now considered to be the world "Gold Standard" of passive cleaning in virtually all hospitals for the purpose of cleaning surgical operating equipment. It has been proven that chemicals alone will not remove dead organic fixatives prior to sterilization.

Hygrozyme is the only known natural cleaner that can be used in conjunction with other standard cleaning chemicals (i.e. hydrogen peroxide). It can be used alone, where the use of chemicals is prohibited or not welcome. Hygrozyme provides the ideal natural cleaning solution.

Economical Benefits
  • Significant increase in harvest
  • Faster plant growth will be beneficial in many aspects: less fuel cost, less cost of electricity, less labour cost, reduced capital cost, reduced risk factor, less maintenance cost of equipment and machinery
  • Extended longevity an use of medium and water
  • Savings in fertilizer and related products cost due to more efficient absorption