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IWS 6 Pot Flood & Drain Remote (16mm)

Tank options : FlexiTank 100L
£ 479.00
IWS 6 Pot Flood & Drain Remote (16mm)The system uses gravity to send water to the pots and only uses pumps to fill and drain the main 25 litre control bucket. This has two quality magnetic float-valves mounted inside to control the power to the pumps in both the tank and the controller bucket.These floats control the flood level in the growing medium precisely to stop any over watering or flooding.As the water is forced through the growing medium, it expels all the stale air in the medium surrounding the root ball and replaces it with fresh oxygen as it drains away.IWS systems give the grower flexibility of where each plant site location is required and are fully expandable providing virtually unlimited options. 

See How the IWS system works 
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What’s included in the 6 pot system?

  • Nutrient tank with pump
  • Control unit with Remote timer
  • 6 x pots
  • 6 x inner pots
  • 6 x elbows
  • 6 x sealing glands
  • 15 metres of pipe
  • 6 x pot stands
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