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IWS Flood & Drain Brains

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£ 194.95
IWS Flood & Drain Brains

IWS Flood and Drain Control Units System Brain Buckets

These control units(brain buckets) are the heart of the IWS Flood and Drain system, they feature a timer that allows the grower to control the number of flood cycles(Pro versions allows the length of flood to be controlled).

The Standard version has the basic segmental timer attached to the bucket, comes with 1 x MJ1000 fill pump and uses 13mm pipework(16mm internal).
The Standard Remote and Pro Remote version uses a timer that is mounted on the wall, this timer allows much more control over the flood cycles. They come with 2 x MJ1000 fill pumps, for fast flooding, and uses 13mm pipework(16mm internal) on the Standard version and 22mm pipework(25mm external) on the Pro version.

Both of these Control Units have to internal float switches that control the flood height.

  • Pro Remote uses 2 x MJ1000 Fill Pumps
  • Standard Remote uses 2 x MJ1000 fill pump
  • Standard(Basic) uses 1 x MJ1000 fill pump
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