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Maxibright Lightwave T5

Maxibright Mk3 PL2 : Maxibright 2 Tube
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Maxibright Lightwave T5


The Lightwave T5 is best used with cuttings and seedlings in propagation. They are also very good for the vegative stage and for keeping mother plants healthy. It will produce even growth and bushiness with short internodes and thick stems.

The 2' 2-Way unit measures 59cm(l) x 22.5cm(w) x 6cm(d) and houses 2 x 24W fluorescent tubes with an on/off switch on the side. The 2' 4-Way unit measures 59cm(l) x 37cm(w) x 6cm (d).

Main features:
- Ideal light for propagation and vegative uses.
- All units supplied with Cool Blue lamps.
- All units supplied with power lead.
- Can be suspended vertically and horizontally.
- Low heat emittance ideal for small spaces.
- Low power consumption.
- Stylish and durable ideal for displays etc.
- 1year warranty.




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