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Plant Magic Coco A&B

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£ 13.95
Plant Magic Coco A&B


Plant Magic Coco A & B base nutrients provide the perfect balance to form a solid foundation for healthy plant growth. Creating the building blocks for strong, fast-growing plants, with masses of fruit and flowers.

This product contains a balanced nutrient profile for both hard and soft water areas within the UK.

Coco A & B is enhanced with micro-nutrients, calcium, and magnesium as well as bio-stimulants to give everything your plants need for overall plant health from the roots to the tips of the leaves.

Top tip: when using Plant Magic enhanced coco nutrients, make sure you soak your coco media before using it. Ideally, you should apply a or full-strength feed until you start to see any run off. If you do this, your plants will have plenty of nutrients to feed on.

Dilution rate 2-4ml per litre.

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