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Rhino Silent Day/Night Controller 2A

£ 177.00
Rhino Silent Day/Night Controller 2A

Silent Day/Night Fan Controller

Silently controls both intake and exhaust fans, no buzzing. The Fan Controller comes with a light sensor that can be hung in your growing area, this will tell the controller when to switch from day or night settings. The fan speeds for both intake and extraction are adjustable with 5 speed settings.  The controller also comes with a socket for a oscillating fan which will be powered when lights are on. There is also a socket for a heater which is powered when lights are off. Very clever piece of kit at a very good price.

  • 5 Speed settings for day and night
  • Available as 2A or 8A
  • Heavy duty steel casing
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Only for AC Fans
  • 2 switchable Fan sockets
  • 1 switchable socket for heater (night)
  • 1 switchable socket for oscillating fan (day)