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Silver Bullet Roots 1L

£ 24.95
Silver Bullet Roots 1L

Silver Bullet Roots helps suppress and prevent Pythium but is also a highly effective against bactericide, virucide, sporicide, fungicide, algaecide and amoebacide. It delivers unparalleled stability in tanks for up to 5 weeks and contributes to healthy white roots. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive, chlorine free, pH-neutral, easy to use. It is also odour, colour and taste free. It does not enter the plant at all!

Although highly stable, over time, there is a slight natural decomposition of the silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, coupled with the sterilisation reaction leads to the release of dissolved oxygen into the nutrient solution. This increase in dissolved oxygen produces an increase in nutrient uptake, stimulating growth rates further.

Silver Bullet Roots kills all types of microbe, both friendly and pathogenic. This makes Silver Bullet Roots incompatible with organic/biological gardening as these methods of growing depend on beneficial microbes to break down food for the plant.

Make sure to use appropriate protective gear, such as eye goggles, face protection and gloves when handling this substance. If the product is accidently inhaled, move to fresh air space, and if respiratory problems occur, consult a medical professional immediately. If  the product makes contact with eyes or skin, rinse out with water carefully and consult a doctor if feeling unwell.


Silver Bullet Roots is a very versatile product that has various dose rates depending upon how you are using it.

For seedlings/cuttings: Dilute at 2ml per 10 litres if theres no root disease or at 4ml per 10 litres if there is/has been

For preventing problems early on: Dilute 4ml per 10 litres
For established plants: Dilute 6ml per 10 litres, every 1-2 weeks
For diseased plants: Dilute 8ml per 10 litres then repeat for 5 days before reverting to 6ml per 10 litres
For flushing system and cleaning system: Dilute 2ml per 10 litres then flush the pipe with clean water

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