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Sunmaster Hobby 600w Dimabble

£ 89.00
Sunmaster Hobby 600w Dimabble

Sunmaster Hobby 600w Digital Ballast

The Sunmaster Hobby 600w Ballast offers the gardener the flexibility to power 250W, 400W and 600W HPS and Metal Halide lamps with just one ballast. The ballast has four power modes including +Power to boost your 600W HPS lamp by 10% during flowering/fruiting for higher yielding results. 

The Sunmaster Hobby is extremely efficient, powering lamps at their optimum for maximum grow light output (PAR), extending lamp life, eliminating lamp flickering and giving fast lamp re-strike. 

Sunmaster Hobby features:

- 250w,400w,600w & 660w +Power Mode
- +Power Technology
- Soft Start Technology
- Dynamic Frequency Control
- Fast Lamp Re-Strike
- Circuit safety protection
- RF Shielding no interference with electrical equipment
- Low operating temperature
- Silent running
- Runs both HPS & Metal Halide lamps
- IEC connection to any IEC fitting reflector